Hybrid Mode™ is the new in-crop spraying feature for NORAC. Hybrid Mode™ is a patent pending technology that will once again raise operator's expectations of automatic boom height control performance.

NORAC’s Spray Height Control Systems use ultrasonic sensors mounted on the
left, right and center sections to automatically maintain a preset height
of the entire boom above the ground or crop.


The UC4.5™ is NORAC's entry level spray height control system. 


The UC4.5™ Spray Height Control System comes complete with a stand-alone control panel.  Main lift control is sold separately.

The UC4.5™ System offers:

  • An independent and stand-alone system.
  • The same user interface and menu structure as UC4+™.
  • Quick and easy set-up.



The UC5™ Spray Height Control System can be operated through the tractor's existing virtual terminal or Ag Leader panel and is available with the NORAC PULSE™ to make it a stand-alone system. The UC5™ Spray Height Control product line is ISOBUS 11783 certified.

The UC5™ System offers:

  • New functionality.
  • User friendly diagnostics.
  • Integration with existing control electronics OR a compact stand-alone display.